Refreshing your Patio Landscaping

Refreshing your Patio Landscaping

Our Patio Upgrade

Our patio needed an upgrade, a massive upgrade. For years, because I was so busy with work and my personal life, I neglected my patio. I had weeds growing along the lines of my fence. The old patio furniture in my yard was cracking and peeling. To be fair, they were handed me downs from my aunt when she bought new patio furniture. I think it’s time for me to do so as well. I want my patio to serve two purposes. I needed it to look great as well as be functional. It wasn’t either, and that was just a tragedy in of itself.

But before I decided to jump into the patio furniture games, I really wanted to improve the landscaping in my patio. I wanted beautiful plants and trees. I wanted the weeds to go away, so I knew it was time for to take a trip to my local garden center around my house, which is the Green Thumb Landscaping & Excavating. They had beautiful lush flowers and gorgeous trees. Since I was a little new to this, the staff at their garden center was more than happy to help me. I received advice and tips to help my plants get the best chance possible.

Weeds-Along-My-FenceEven with gorgeous new patio furniture, it’s not enough. Plants and nature are what makes a patio inviting and signals my guests to come and relax on my patio. I was careful not to have too many flowers in my yard. The reason is that I didn’t want to attract too many bugs, in particular, any bugs with stingers. I don’t want to be terrified of my patio. I choose brightly colored foliage plants and the few flower plants I bought; I keep them in the farthest ends of the terrace to ensure safety.


Choosing Your LandscapingMy patio was in need of natural shade. However, trees can quickly become a headache because it may have aggressive tree root systems or can grow so tall that it might become dangerous in a storm and tip over. As advised at Green Thumb, I needed to choose a tree that would be at an intermediate height when it achieved maturity. I needed a tree that did not have aggressive root systems and was easy to maintain and clean. I went with a Tabebuia Tree because of beautiful flower system, and it wasn’t so tall that it would become a hazard later. Plus, I get the added bonus or gorgeous yellow and purple flowers during the summer. It would turn my patio into a beautiful summer oasis, which would be perfect for barbecues or just relaxing with a book.

I considered getting hedges to plant around the edges of my patio. I decided against it because I already had a fence that enclosed my yard. Plus, I didn’t want to add more than I could handle because hedges would need to be maintained and cut every few weeks. In the end, my patio came out stunning and just as I imagined it.

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Saving Costs with DIY Projects

Saving Costs with DIY Projects

DIY, Do it yourself.

Do it yourself projects can be a great way to save some money on small projects around the house. Do it yourself projects usually can take about 1 to 3 days to complete depending hoe big the project is and how many people are working on it. DIY projects can help you save thousands of dollars when done the right way. Although do it yourself projects are a great way to save some extra cash, it can also become extremely costly if its not handled the right way. Here are a few tips to help make you DIY project run as smooth as possible and most importantly save you as much money as possible.

Borrow Tools

Borrowing tools, when taking on a do it yourself project the best thing to do is to borrow as many of the tools you are going to need as possible. Ask friend and family and neighbors the more tools you can borrow the more money you will save from not having to buy them.

Close the Door

When you are taking on DIY projects that involves having to go in and out of your house consistently its always good to keep your house doors closed as much as possible. Keeping the doors closed will help you save money on the electric bill.

Turn Down the Thermostat on your Water Heater.

Like most, your water heater thermostats, your thermostat is probably set to 140 degrees F to shorten the waiting time for a hot shower. Keeping your thermostat at 120 or 110 is still very hot.

Replace AC filters

The less effort the air conditioner makes to cool down the house during the summer the more money you will save. When the filters get dirty it takes the air conditioner longer to cool down the house. The cost for new air filters is about $11 and the saving from replacing them is about $40 a month.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Did you know that a ceiling fan can be used for heat during the winter? Running the ceiling fan at low speed going in a clockwise direction will recirculate the warm air the rises to the ceiling. This will allow you to be able to drop the thermostat a few degrees.

Buy your Firewood in the Spring when its Cheap

For home who use the fireplaces, buying the firewood in the spring may not seem like a good idea because they are not yet dry but buying them in the spring will save you up t0 $100 per cord. The logs will dry out and be ready by the time winter rolls around.

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Tool Repair

Tool Repair

Home Improvement & Tool Repair

Home improvement is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. One of biggest costs associate with home improvement projects, besides building materials, are the power tools you’ll need. Historically it was cheaper and easier to simply throw away a broken tool and replace it, but with the economic reality of replacement costs and the widespread availability of parts and repair instructions tool repair is back in fashion. It’s easier than ever to repair power equipment and even industrial tools by using online manuals and online part searching applications. And for the truly frugal people out there, you can find dead tools that have been thrown away, yet easily repaired and given new life. If you’re working at home we’ve included a list of tools every do-it-yourselfer needs to work with a variety of building materials.

tool repair

Below are some common power tools and the common cause for their death, followed by the must-have tools to complete the job. Once you have the right part number (using online resources is the easiest way to find them) you can order a replacement part. It’s always helpful if you can find the user manual for your tool to help with the replacement process.

Belt Driven Tools
Any tool with a drive belt, planers and belt sanders for example typically die when the belt has gotten worn out and broken. The motor will still spin but nothing else happens.

Brush Replacement
Tools that run with high loads for a significant amount of time can quickly were out their brushes. Brushes don’t usually die suddenly, but you’ll be able to tell when they start to go by the tricks you have to use to get them to start. On most tools you can locate the brushes under a cover which uses “Frankenstein” neck bolts.

Power Switches & Power Cords

The death of circular saws, and most other power equipment with a hefty motor is most like to be caused by a bad power switch. Old tools and drills have a tendency to die from bad power cords.

It can be tricky to find the problem with a power cord. You can perform a continuity test along the cord to find exactly where the break is, if you discover it’s at the plug just replace that. Cutting the cord and splicing in a new section is also an easy fix.

Bring NiCad batteries back to life
If your tool uses a NiCad battery (and only a NiCad battery) which no longer hold a charge there are ways you can “zap” your battery back to life. A lot of tools get thrown away because of dead batteries and no other reason.

Zapping will remove crystal dendrites which cause the batteries to short out. You can find more information and complete instructions online, and always be aware of the right safety precautions when working with any battery.

If you’re setting up your own tool kit for home repair (and we strongly recommend you do) we’ve compiled a list of the must-have tools for your toolbox you don’t want to be without whether your repairing your own tools, completing DIY projects or working with a variety of building materials. The list includes only hand tools, no special instructions required, but there usefulness will become evident right out of the box.

1. Claw hammer. It’s an obvious chose for the first tool anyone should own.
2. Adjustable wrench. Well, because it’s adjustable to any nut or bolt it can replace the need for numerous specific size wrenches.
3. Locking pliers. This multipurpose tool is ideal for gripping nuts, pipes and fixtures. It also adjusts for various sizes.
4. Flashlight. Another obvious choice, this tool proves invaluable when you’re trying to see back into dark cramped spaces.
5. Screwdrivers. Both flat head and Phillips head.
6. Electrical detection screwdriver. This tool could save from a shocking experience.
7. Utility knife. This cutting tool has endless uses.
8. Tape measure. There’s a reason the say “measure twice, cut once”. A good tape measure can be your best friend.
9. Hardware. Keep a variety of nails, nuts and bolts on hand.
10. Mini Level. Your pictures will always be straight and the small size ensures it will fit into your toolbox.
11. Stud detector. This tool will allow you to see behind the walls. You can also get a multipurpose detector which will find cables and pipes.
12. Safety Equipment. Dust masks, eye protection and gloves are all essential protective gear. Don’t only have them, use them.

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How To Select & Maintain Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

In today’s time, it is common to see people investing in garage doors. In order to cater to the needs of the buyers, there are many options, not just in the form of installation services but also repair services. As long as the right option is chosen, one needn’t worry about anything.

The fact is that garage doors are one of perfect means of convenience. It has most likely become an essential element of many peoples’ lives. Especially for people who have to move in and out of their homes, while using a car, it gets easier to drive in and out of a garage space. Keeping the current demand for garage doors in mind, many manufacturing companies are coming up with variations in the designs and technologies associated with such doors. Moreover, many services are coming up, ones that offer both installation and repair. At some point, there is a possibility of the garage door to be jammed or smashed. In such a situation, it gets important to opt for a Jacksonville garage door repair service. It certainly becomes the requirement because certain damages to the door leads to the door getting jammed. The operation and functionality of the door are hampered.garage door repair jacksonville

What to consider when selecting:

While choosing a service for the garage door repair, make sure one opts for a thorough professional. Such tasks are best handled by the technicians, and only a reliable service can offer the best and most skilled set of people, who are best at what they do. The reason why an emphasis is laid on professionals is because currently there are many services entering the market. Regardless of what kind of knowledge they might hold, the truth remains that they are still amateur. The amount of experience one holds also makes a huge deal of difference. The smart thing to do is call for an experienced garage door repair service. Before getting on with the repair job, getting a comprehensive idea of the problem and the costs involved. It allows the customer to get an idea of the nature of the problem and the costs associated with it.

Generally, it has been noticed that many homeowners make random choices and call any garage door repair company. What happens when one does this is that an individual may or may not be aware of the real nature of the problem. There have been times when innocent customers have been cheated with heavy bills. This is easier because not all customers wish to look around a few options before picking the best services; neither is interested in knowing what the problem is and how it is going to be fixed. The blind faith in the repair service often does the trick. So, if an individual finds it difficult to run through the options and decide accordingly, the best way out is to settle with a reputed service. It is safer with the reputed and reliable service.

Various steps for effective maintenance:

Initially, you must keenly observe all the components (either big or small) of the door. Inspect the metal tracks, Jacksonville garage door opener, dents present in panels, rollers, bearings, electrical connections, chain belt or drive belt and all others. Check if you can find any signs of rust on the metal parts. Also check whether the metal tracks are in proper alignment or not. If they are not, then align them in a straight line by using a carpenter’s scale.

Main reason for rusting is accumulation of dirt and dust. If you wash the aluminum or steel doors with a home detergent, rust can be removed. Sand paper can be used to remove any extreme rust.

Electronic openers that are programmed by the user are used to operate modern doors. Default settings are set by the programmer for daily use. Don’t change these settings unless you know them as perfectly as the programmer.

The ideal oil grade that is recommended by the manufacturer should be used as friction free surface is needed by the door components for smooth operation. Some parts like pulleys, rollers, chains, screws, hinge etc need lubrication. Don’t use the lubricants that may attract dirt / dust and thereby causes damage to the components.

A suitable ventilation fan must be provided for the Jacksonville garage door to adjust the humidity. This is because, in summer, the garages may get hot and in winter, they may get colder. Near the window, freestanding exhaust fan can also be installed. By insulating the doors, electrical energy is saved and heating / cooling costs are also lowered.

Proper maintenance of garage door can save a lot of money in repairs. If there are any serious repairs, it is better to call a professional.

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Boynton Beach Pool Repair Guide

Boynton Beach Pool Repair 101 Tutorial

Boynton Beach pool repair is fairly commonplace. The beach is nice, but sometimes you want to just sit back and have a couple of beverages by the water right in your backyard. However, having a pool at your home is not always convenient. There are many problems which can arise with the plumbing and maintenance, and hiring professional pool cleaners isn’t always in the budget.


Many pool owners feel the need to repair their own pools. Repairing your own pool saves you money, keeps you busy, and may teach you a few new things. Not everyone is a professional pool cleaner, so here are a couple of simple maintenance problems and solutions for your journey through Boynton Beach pool repair.


Repairing Concrete

When you have a concrete pool, no matter how well-made it is, you are going to encounter some problems down the line. Cracking, chipping, and hollow spots are common problems to run into, but when you have the proper tools, materials, and know-how it can be relatively easy with these simple steps.pool repair & cleaning


Remove Damaged Surface Material

When you begin to repair your concrete, you must first remove the damaged surface material, or substrate. This includes any patching or foreign material. If you find cracks in the substrate, cut them out with a grinder to at least an inch out from either end of the original crack. Afterwards, use your chisel and hammer to make pock marks on the pool’s surface, which will allow the new surface a better bond to the patching material.


Find the Hollow Spots in Your Surface

Where surface cracks are easy to find, hollow spots are a little more difficult.

Hollow spots are where your outer plaster is separating from the material underneath. They will separate completely over time, and it is best to catch and repair these trouble spots while you are repairing the surface. To properly identify these spots, tap the pool’s sides gently. If there is a hollow sound, you will have separation, and you must remove the loose plaster at the site of the sound and replace it with your mixture to fill holes and cracks.


Fill the Cracks

Make sure to clean all particulate off of the surface. After the surface is clean, cover it with an acid rinse. Then you are ready for caulk. Leave about a quarter inch of space between the caulk and crack. You will finish filling these cracks later when applying your new surface, creating a smooth texture. Let the caulk dry for twenty four hours.


Apply the New Surface

Apply your new surface with a trowel. Be sure to get it into every nook and cranny and fill in any air bubbles you may have. Smooth out your new surface until it’s level and then give it fifteen minutes to set before smoothing again. If your old surface is textured, you will want to use a damp sponge while the spots are still wet to add your texture.


Fixing a Leak

Even with proper pool maintenance, it is possible for you to spring a leak. When you notice your water line falling drastically, evaporation can be to blame, as you can lose up to two inches a week to the sun. An easy way to check is to put a bucket on your top step and fill it to the water line of your pool. Now leave it there for a few days. If you come back and see a difference, you’ve got a leak!


Where is the Leak?

Fill the pool and mark the fill-line with a piece of duct tape. Wait twelve to twenty-four hours with your filter system running and measure the difference. Now try the same without the filter on. If you lose more water with the filter on, the leak is on the pressure side of the plumbing. If not, it’s on the vacuum side. If it’s the same then your structure is to blame.


Finding a Plumbing Leak

If it’s not an obvious leak, it’s time to look deeper. One way to find the leak is to pressure test the lines, then dig along the leaking line until you find it. Another way that will leave you with fewer holes in your yard is to call a professional. They have tools to hear the leak, and will only dig where they need to.


Finding a Structure Leak

Turn off the pump for at least an hour. Get yourself some food coloring and start squeezing wherever there are visible cracks. The leak will naturally suck the food coloring towards it. If there are no visible cracks, try areas where the shell of the pool is pierced, including the mouth of the skimmer. Once the leak has been found, get yourself some patching material and patch it up. Most patching materials work under water.

Check the patch job afterward with more food coloring, and if the leak is fixed, your hard work is over. Now get back to relaxing by the pool, thanks to the Boynton Beach pool repair guide.

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How To Hire A Dayton Locksmith

Imagine losing your automobile key and you have an important business appointment that you can’t afford to miss. The need for a locksmith in Dayton extends from changing your car’s lock, to repairing parts of the locks in your home or office, to even creating extra pieces of keys. In the event of an emergency, a reputable Dayton locksmith comes in handy in ensuring that your business or personal schedule stays on the truck.

Dayton Locksmith 247

Finding the best locksmith, just like any other professional is not a cinch task. You need a reliable and well knowledgeable expert to get the job done on time, and for that reason, this article has compiled some resourceful killer tips that will assist you in your legwork.

1) Conduct A Thorough Researchkeys lockthmith dayton

Some people will choose the phone directories and local newspapers while others will make use of the internet. The easiest and cheapest way of finding professionals is through an online search. You will always come across a variety of experts to choose from, learn the kind of people you will be dealing with, as well as how they address issues concerning their clients from their websites. This type of research is only feasible if you have enough time to look for a locksmith, but if you are in an emergency, then you need to employ a different approach.

Some of the emergency cases that require immediate assistance of a locksmith include locking yourself out of your home or auto. You may, therefore, have to consult your work colleagues or friends inquiring if they have had some good experience with a local locksmith and how you can reach them.

2) Consider Office Location

A locksmith operating from a relatively long distance from where you are stuck may not be reliable. It may take you more than necessary time to receive the services you need, and a travel fee could be factored into your overall bill. For convenience, go for one that has a local office, but be wary of companies with names associated with names from your local area. Some locksmith firms have more than one listings with different names only for you to call one of them and land in a distant city company.

To counter such scenarios, check the phone numbers and street addresses correctly to ensure that the company is a local one. If a particular locksmith does not have a street address, then you have to ask them why because they could be operating a mobile business that is probably short of what you need.

3) Get Several Estimates

You don’t have to hire the first locksmith you come across. You may want to compare how different companies charge for the same kind of service or the price of lock replacement parts. A reputable locksmith company will be more than willing to give you a quote, and if that’s not the norm of a particular firm, then you should continue looking for the right one. The estimate should consist of all the work that need to be done to avoid confusion afterward.

Note that top-notch companies offer 24-hour service and may, therefore, charge you slightly higher, especially if you need them in the late night hours. Before you call in a locksmith for an emergency, ensure to inquire about the exact costs.

4) Check For Insurance

You don’t want to be held liable for injuries that a locksmith may sustain on your property or injuries or damages to property owned by a third party. Mishaps are unavoidable, and your property may get damaged or result in a total loss during repairs. For you to prevent all these losses, it is imperative that you hire an insured locksmith.

5) Ask For An Invoice

Before you seal any deal with a locksmith, ask if they give an itemized invoice after completing their services. The invoice should contain charges information on items such as replacement parts, labor, and any other related costs. If you hire one, render sure that your locks, doors or other parts that you wanted to repair are in good condition and an epitome of a professional locksmith’s work.

Finding the best Dayton locksmith should no longer be a challenge to you. Once you land on the right one, ensure that you keep his contact information where you can effortlessly access it in case you need some locksmith services in future.

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